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Savings thanks to electronic cigarettes

That's right, we can now save 50% of the money we put on tobacco cigarettes. If a pack of 20 regular cigarettes costs an average of $ 8, that's $ 0.40 per cigarette. But an electronic cigarette cartridge equivalent to 15 cigarettes does not cost more than $ 3, which equals $ 0.20 per cigarette. So effectively, smoking electronic cigarettes costs half of what you would spend on tobacco. On the other hand at the beginning it is necessary to invest on average less $ 40 for an e-cigarette kit with batteries, charger, cases, etc.

Let's not forget also the cost of the long-term medical care required to cure the many diseases caused by tobacco, without mentioning the risk to our health, and in some cases death! In the United States, for example, 20% of deaths are due to smoking, with a total of 400,000 deaths a year, due to cigarettes and tobacco products. Since an electronic cigarette can provide the same satisfaction, with much less risk, why not switch to e-cigarettes! Laboratory tests indicate that there are up to 1400 times less nitrosamines than in tobacco smoke. The choice is obvious.